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Extracurricular Activities

BASIS charter schools attempts to align clubs and extracurricular activities offered through the school with the interests of the students. As a result, the clubs and extracurricular activities differ among the various campuses. Nevertheless, each BASIS campus offers a wide array of clubs and extracurricular activities.

Club & Extra Curricular Options

BASIS DC offers a wealth of extracurricular activities, including athletics, music, theater, and a multitude of clubs. While many of these activities take place after school, extracurricular programming is separate from Late Bird and each activity carries its own distinct fee. Specific information about these activities and their fees will be available in the early weeks of school.

Timely arrival to these activities is required. Late arrival to extracurricular activities may result in removal from the program. There will be NO refund of extracurricular participation fees.

Students are dismissed from after-school programs at prearranged times indicated on the sign-up sheets for the individual programs. If a student is not picked up at the prearranged time, he/she will be placed in the Late Bird Program and charged a fee.

No club may meet without a faculty member present, and all clubs must be approved by the Auxiliary Program Director, the Director of Student Affairs and the Head of School. Faculty advisors must attend all club-sponsored events.

Athletics and Athlete Expectations

BASIS DC works hard to provide team sports for our students.  Details of an individual team will be available on the sign-up form for that team and can be discussed with the Athletics Director.  All athletes must sign an Athletes Creed in order to participate in athletics. This states that a student’s first priority will always be academics. If any student athlete is not meeting the expectations of his/her teachers or Dean of Students, or if he/she has repeated disciplinary issues, he/she may be removed from a sports team at any time.


All fundraising activities require prior approval by the Head of Operations. Faculty Club Advisors must submit a budget indicating the specifics of the fundraising planned for the specific activity. Due to health codes, students may not sell food on campus





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