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Early Bird Late Bird

BASIS DC offers an after-care program from 4:00 – 6:00 PM every day. Late Bird is a fee-based program. Students are supervised by Late Bird staff in a designated area of the school. Most often, the designated area is the multi-purpose room. The location may occasionally change due to other school programs. 4:00 – 5:00 PM is a silent study hall; between 5:00 and 6:00 PM the staff offers supervised activity time, while also reserving a quiet space for further study. In cases where parents/guardians do not arrive before the 6:00 PM program end time, an additional change will be incurred.

All students still on campus at 4:00 PM are required to sign in to the Late Bird Attendance Log. Students who plan to attend student hours must still sign in to Late Bird and indicate which student hour they are attending. Students making meaningful use of student hours will be exempt from Late Bird charges for that time period. Students who choose not to make meaningful use of student hours will be returned to Late Bird and charged.

Students who are enrolled in a BASIS extracurricular activity must sign in and wait in Late Bird until that activity begins and will be exempt from charges for that time period. Students who need to return to late bird after an extra-curricular will not be charged a fee as long as parents pick up their students before 6:00 PM.

A parent or guardian must enter the Late Bird Waiting Area and sign students out from Late Bird before BASIS DC can release the student. Students are only released to a parent/guardian or a responsible adult designated on the child’s Emergency Contact Form and/or Late Bird Registration Form. Students who do not have a parent/guardian present may only leave campus if they have signed Permission for a Student to Sign-out After Dismissal form on file.

Students are required to maintain behavior aligned with the BASIS Code of Conduct and follow all school rules during Late Bird. Discipline violations will be dealt with appropriately and according to the BASIS Parent/Student Handbook.

Students are not permitted to use cell phones or other electronic devices during Late Bird. Cell phones must be kept switched off and out of sight and may be confiscated if they are used without permission or not stowed away properly. Students who need to use the phone will be able to make important calls from the office phones. Parents who need to contact their child during Late Bird time should call the office phone. A number of laptops will be available to use for certain school work and under adult supervision.

Students are not permitted to leave campus after school and then return for student hours, Late Bird, or other BASIS programing the same afternoon. The school may make exceptions to this policy regarding official evening events such as dances, performances, or information sessions where students may need to go home to prepare.

Late Bird payments are not refunded for any circumstances. Yearly or semester payments should be made at the beginning of the year or semester. Late Bird Registration Forms are available at the front office.

Late Bird Prices

  • Daily Rate: $13
  • Monthly Rate: $240
  • Semester Rate: $1000     Semester Rate (sibling): $500
  • Yearly Rate: $1800    Yearly Rate (sibling): $900




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